HARILYN ROUSSO is a woman with cerebral palsy and one of the “founding mothers” of the U.S. disabled women’s movement. She has been involved in the disability rights and women’s movement for more than 25 years. Confronting disability and gender stereotypes on a daily basis—from  “You’re so inspirational!” to “What a shame! Such a pretty girl!”— Harilyn, in her memoir, Don’t Call Me Inspirational, describes what it takes to overcome disability prejudice, not disability, and how to lead a wise, witty, outrageous life, disability and all.

Rave Reviews

"I've known Harilyn Rousso as a powerful activist and a gifted artist, but with this revelatory book, she becomes something even more rare: a story teller who conveys our uniqueness, and so helps us discover our own. Don't Call Me Inspirational is irresistible to read, honest, insightful and universal." 

—Gloria Steinem